New 上海龙凤新York City, August 24, 2015

New 上海龙凤新York City, August 24, 2015

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★★★ The air was warm and unmoving. From the office roof, haze spread out below. Awning fabric held and channeled the smell of the respiration of hot vegetables out onto U上海龙凤 嘉定nion Square. A baby down in the subway had an electric fan clamped to the front bar of its stroller. The haze was wearying to walk in. Late in the day, the dinginess of it took on attractive colors. At sundown, pink light flooded high clouds in half of the west, while a lower cloud blocked the remainder.

Efficiencies Sough上海龙凤油压会所t

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by The Awl

exclusive image from the conde nast cafeteria

FKA Capital New York reports:

At the behest of chief financial officer David Geithner, starting this Wednesday, sources familiar with the matter told POLITICO, the global business advisory firm FTI Consulting will begin meeting with Condé Nast employees to help assess things like editorial workflow, processes and productivity上海龙凤shlf134 across the company’s nearly two dozen titles, which include standard-bearers like The New Yorker, Vogue and Vanity Fair.

We have heard from multiple sources that every Condé Nast publication has been ordered to complete reports that precisely account for every hour of every employee’s day — every employee must be listed, their tasks described in detail, hour by hour. It seems likely that a bloodbath will come with the changing of the leaves. (Just like last year.) We hope that nobody is redundant and that everybody is working at peak efficiency!

Small Black, “No One Wa上海龙凤 油压口nts It To Happen To You”

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Want to feel old? The pictures of your hand you traced as a child 上海龙凤 安亭and colored in to look like a turkey for Thanksgiving have all faded away and returned to the earth at the bottom of whatever landfill they lay in. The regulations that allowed the nurse to comfort you that time you left class in Kindergarten with a fever have all been updated to prevent any physical contact. The songs you sang at assemblies have very few plays on Spotify. The crossing guards who shepherded you across the street are all dead. There, you’re old. How’s it feel? Not good, right? Anyway, I like this track from Small Black a lot, what do you think? Enjoy.


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Verizon had agreed to have fiber-optic cable for FiOS pass all three million homes in the city by the end of last year. Lawyers for each side, however, are arguing about the definition of “pass.” The com上海龙凤419论坛pany says it has met the deadline. The city’s response: not even close. FiOS remains unavailable in large swaths of the city, including the vast Co-op City complex in the Bronx, which comprises more than 15,000 apartments. “We’ve had some rather impassioned meetings with some of our residents who say, ‘We want Verizon,’” said Jeffrey Buss, general counsel for Riverbay Corporation, which manages Co-op City.

The city’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications released a scathing audit report in June concluding that Verizon “systematically refused to accept orders for residential service.” By the company’s admission, nearly one-fourth of the blocks in the city have no buildings wired for FiOS, the report said.

The New York Times reports what many in New York City have already known: They cannot get FiOS and probably won’t anytime soon. The Awl offices are located on the third floor of a small building that is sandwiched between the tallest luxury condos in the borough on a bustling corner in the heart of a quaint neighborhood known as Downtown Brooklyn, which is the third largest business district in New York City. We would love to replace our incredibly slow Verizon DSL with FiOS so we can bring more of our Content to the People. But some for reason it’s just not available in our area? Please call us Verizon! (We’ve tried calling you.)

Photo by Eric Hauser


New York Cit金凤缘 上海龙凤y, August 26, 2015

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★★★★ In the shade, the early temperature was somewhere between relatively cool and absolutely so. The sun established itself, and established some heat with it, provisionally. There in the open and down in the still-choking subway were summer’s redoubts; by late day, with the sun up in the treetops and the heights of buildings, scattering window reflections, there was only the subway. A plain straight railing atop a walkup building was a streak of fire. The tiresome rumble of the air conditioner could be turned off and the w海兰上海龙凤网indows opened, to let in the breezes and sirens of night.


Percussions上海龙凤全国, “Digital Arpeggios”

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Everything Is Bul上海龙凤足浴发廊论坛lshit: Study

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• “A major investigation into scores of claims made in psychology research journals has delivered a bleak verdict on the state of the science. An international team of experts repeated 100 experiments published in top psychology journals and found that they could reproduce only 36% of original findings. The study, which saw 270 scientists repeat experiments on five continents, was launched by psychologists in the US in response to rising concerns over the reliability of psychol上海龙凤 网友自荐青青ogy research,” the Guardian reports.

• “The vetted studies were considered part of the core knowledge by which scientists understand the dynamics of personality, relationships, learning and memory. Therapists and educators rely on such findings to help guide decisions, and the fact that so many of the studies were called into question could sow doubt in the scientific underpinnings of their work,” notes the New York Times.

• “It’s almost like nothing is real and even the things you once thought were true turn out to be just another empty promise, like love, like life itself. The only thing about which we can be certain in science — in anything, really — is that we are all a collection of atoms spinning about without real purpose and we are each accorded our little amount of time on this earth and then we return to the void whence we came having done little, meant less and, in the scheme of things, been negative space. Everything is black and the black creeps back in no matter what you do to convince yourself there’s light there. These things that seem so important to you are worthless. There’s no hope. It’s a short ride in a fast machine through a dark empty valley and the speed of the trip makes us think we’re seeing things outside but really we’re rolling past nothing, coming from nothing, on the way back to nothing. I’ve wasted my life, but then all lives are wasted,” remarks an observer.

• “[Study leader Brian] Nosek believes that other scientific fields are likely to have much in common with psychology. One analysis found that only 6 of 53 high-profile papers in cancer biology could be reproduced and a related reproducibility project in cancer biology is currently under way. The incentives to find results worthy of high-profile publications are very strong in all fields, and can spur people to lose objectivity. ‘If this occurs on a broad scale, then the published literature may be more beautiful than reality,’” Nature declares.


唐宫瑶池 七宝上海龙凤

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上海龙凤 现代后宫

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What A Pac千花网上海 上海龙凤k Of Cigarettes Costs Now, State By State

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by Sarah Jampel

This list has been updated, as of August 2014. Click here!

Smokers, flee New York City and head to Kentucky, where a pack of Marlboro Reds will cost you practically a third of what you’re paying now. And while you’re on the road, steer clear of New Hampshire and Vermont, too: the price for a pack has jumped 35% and 25%, respectively, over the past year.

We called a gas station — and oftentimes, when we were turned away or simply misunderstood, we called several — in the most populous city of every state in the nation and Washington D.C. and asked the clerk for the price of a pack of Marlboro Red cigarettes including tax. (Obviously, local prices will vary some.)

Here’s the current price, in bold, and also how the prices of cigarettes have changed since last summer.

48. Kentucky (last year $6.56): $4.96 = -24%

47. North Dakota ($5.03): $5.04 = +.2%

46. West Virginia ($4.84): $5.07 = +5%

45. Oklahoma ($5.24): $5.19 = -.1%

44. Idaho ($5.11): $5.25 = +3%

43. Missouri ($5.87): $5.25 = -10%

42. Louisiana ($6.50): $5.33 = -18%

41. Oregon ($5.74): $5.35 = -7%

40. Wyoming ($5.21): $5.37 = +3%

39. Mississippi ($5.55): $5.45 = -2%

38. Nevada ($6.04): $5.50 = -9%

37. South Carolina ($6.25): $5.55 = -11%

36. Colorado ($5.19): $5.59 = +8%

35. Indiana ($5.56): $5.77 = +4%

34. Alabama ($5.18): $5.80 = +12%

33. Virginia ($5.43): $5.81 = +7%

32. Ohio 上海龙凤徐汇赞spa($5.67): $5.88 = 4%

31. Tennessee ($4.91): $5.89 = +20%

30. Georgia ($5.93): $5.93 = 0%

29. Minnesota ($5.96): $5.95 = -.2%

28. Florida ($6.29), Delaware ($6.10): $6.00 = -5%, -2%

27. North Carolina ($5.14): $6.03 = +17%

26. Nebraska ($5.99): $6.09 = +2%

25. Kansas ($6.47): $6.21 = -4%

24. Montana ($6.12): $6.25 = +2%

23. Arkansas ($7.10): $6.50 = -8%

22. New Hampshire ($4.86): $6.59 = +35%

21. Utah ($6.88): $6.64 = -3%

20. California ($6.45), South Dakota ($6.82): $6.77 = +5%, -.7%

19. New Mexico ($6.69): $6.91 = +3%

18. Michigan ($6.50), Pennsylvania ($6.93): $6.95 = +7%, +.3%

17. Maine ($6.97): $7.12 = +2%

16. Texas ($6.89): $7.24 = +5%

15. Iowa ($7.52): $7.25 = -4%

14. D.C. ($8.27): $7.89 = -5%

13. Maryland ($6.53): $7.93 = +21%

12. Wisconsin ($7.98): $8.11= +2%

11. Washington ($8.98): $8.31 = -7%

10. New Jersey ($8.00): $8.55 = +7%

9. Massachusetts ($8.49): $8.77 = +3%

8. Connecticut ($8.85): $9.30 = +5%

7. Vermont ($7.60): $9.52 = +25%

6. Rhode Island ($8.16): $9.56 = +17%

5. Alaska ($9.39): $9.59 = +2%

4. Arizona ($7.46): $9.65 = +29%

3. Hawaii ($10.22): $9.68 = -5%

2. Illinois ($10.25): $11.59 = +13%

1. New York ($12.50): $14.50 = +16%

Sarah Jampel is an Awl summer reporter.

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