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retailers could allow people to customize the products they wanted to buy online. For instance.

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businesses that had products with always-changing prices, such as airlines and car dealers.

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could sell tickets and cars on their websites. And tech companies could sell gadgets in many different colors, shapes and sizes without creating a static website for each different model.

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The iTunes and Apple Stores used WebObjects -- and actually still use some of its code. A group of WebObjects developers still exist, even though Apple hadn't updated the software since 2008.

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Porta fusce suscipit
Jan 11, 2014

WebObjects developer Hugi Thordarson noted in an online forum that he had asked Apple whether WebObjects would ever get updated again. The company said no.

Pellener tesque sed
Aug 19, 2015

The guy I spoke to called a couple of times, at first, he had absolutely no idea what WO was but the second time he called, he had obtained information and had a clear statement: 'WebObjects is a discontinued product and will never be upgraded.

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sep 11, 2014

There are now a large number of more sophisticated tools that accomplish what Jobs and WebObjects revolutionized 20 years ago.

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